Group structure

Main subsidiaries

In the course of the last few years SRIW has set up several companies and specialist subsidiaries in accordance with its basic mission. The specialist subsidiaries manage projects delegated by the Government of Wallonia. The closure and merger of a certain number of subsidiaries has taken place over recent years.

SRIW Group

Environmental sector


SRIW ENVIRONNEMENT is the SRIW subsidiary that exists to promote the development of industrial businesses in the environment sector. SRIW ENVIRONNEMENT has a subsidiary of its own, B.E. FIN. It is 75.75% owned by SRIW, with the remainder owned by SOCOFE and Belfius.


B.E. FIN is a subsidiary of SRIW ENVIRONMENT. It specialises in the renewable energy and environmental biotechnology fields. It is involved in the design and implementation of new projects.

It is also responsible for the implementation of the NEXT program for the promotion and financing of the circular economy.


Sociallyt responsible sector


SOWECSOM aims to promote the development of the market-orientated social economy in Wallonia, through investment in the financing of projects initiated by companies in the sector. It is 50.5% owned by SRIW. The balance is owned by the Government of Wallonia. It can act as a Government of Wallonia delegated mission in the market and nonmarket social economy sector.

Food production sector


A finance company resulting from a partnership between the Walloon Agricultural Federation (10%) and SRIW (90%), SIAW's task is to bring financial support to projects developed by medium, small and very small business in Wallonia operating in the food production, horticulture and forestry sectors.

Space, aeronautics, defence and machine tools sector


SOWASPACE is a specialist subsidiary of SRIW, which is its 100% owner. Its aim is to carry out tasks delegated to it by the Government of Wallonia in the sectors of aeronautics, space, defence and machine-tools. SOWASPACE is responsible for the Government of Wallonia's investment in Wespavia, shareholder of the Herstal Group, Techspace Aero and Sonaca.

Subsidiaries created under the Marshall plan


SOFIPOLE is a specialist subsidiary of SRIW (60%) and SOWALFIN (40%). It takes responsibility for financing investments in infrastructure and plant intended for competitivity clusters. It is also given the task of managing Wallonia's interests in business incubators, investment funds and other commercial and real estate companies involved in developing new technology.


SOWALFINAL is a specialist wholly-owned subsidiary of SRIW. It manages the rehabilitation of sites where economic activity has ceased, the organisation and installation of facilities in priority activity areas, ports, urbanised activity micro-zones and provides hosting infrastructure for economic activities. It can also finance the installation of facilities producing renewable energy, take stakes in companies active in this area and participate in third-party investor mechanisms for this sector. It is also able to finance partnerships aimed at developing and implementing structured transport systems.

Subsidiaries created under the crisis plan


Established in April 2009 and in operation since the beginning of 2010, GELIGAR's purpose is to grant a guarantee from Wallonia in support of businesses that do not meet the European definition of small and medium-sized enterprises, but have their headquarters, their main business site or a substantial business site in employment terms in Wallonia. It is 100% owned by SRIW.


A specialist subsidiary in which the Government of Wallonia holds just under half the capital (via SOGEPA), FIWAPAC has been the means used by the government to undertake emergency intervention and maintain its support for the financial and industrial companies particularly affected by the world financial crisis in 2008 and 2009.