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Company governance

SRIW is a public limited company subject to company law and governed by the Law of 2 April 1962 on Federal Investment Companies and Regional Investment Companies, subject to the Decree of 15 February 2004 on the status of the public administrator. Its Articles have been approved by the Government of Wallonia.

The SRIW Board of Directors has also decided to adopt the Belgian Code of Corporate Governance (the "Code Buysse II" published in June 2009) in its principles and in most of its provisions, subject to certain adjustments based on the specific legal, parliamentary and regulatory framework to which SRIW is subject.

The SRIW Charter of Corporate Governance can be downloaded here.

The Board of Directors consists of the following members:

  • Marc TINANT

  • Pierre RION

    Deputy Chairman
  • Philippe BOURY

  • Philippe CREVITS

  • Caroline DECAMPS

  • Laurence GLAUTIER

  • Jean-Albert NYSSENS


  • Tindaro TASSONE

  • Bernard THIRY


  • Isabelle VIENNE


The permanent members of the Management Committee attend meetings of the Board of Directors, with voting rights.

The Management Committee

The Committee is responsible for day-to-day management and implements the general policy set out by the Board of Directors.

When the Chairman of the Board of Directors attends the Management Committee, he takes the chair.

The members of the Management Committee carry out their responsibilities on a permanent, full-time basis as contracted employees.

Opting for a long-lasting management structure is designed to guarantee the stability and independence of the body within the long-term perspective that guides what it does.

The Management Committee meets weekly.

In accordance with the Articles, any remuneration or reimbursement of expenses paid out to a member of the Management Committee or to a member of staff on account of a mandate, function or provision of services in or to another company belongs to SRIW as of right when these mandates, functions or services are carried out in connection with their capacity as a member of the Management Committee or as an employee of SRIW.

The Management Committee has members who act collectively:

  • Olivier VANDERIJST

    Chair of the Management Committee
  • Sébastien DURIEUX

  • Eric Poncin

  • Olivier Bouchat

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee's function is to assist the Board of Directors in its supervisory role, in particular by drawing up a long-term audit plan and making sure that the financial data provided by SRIW is accurate. The Audit Committee also issues recommendations for the appointment of external auditors and ensures that the external audit process is followed.

The Audit Committee's competence extends over SRIW and its subsidiaries.

Since 2009, SRIW has had a statutory Audit Committee, whose members are:

  • Pierre RION

  • Bernard THIRY

  • Isabelle VIENNE


The Salaries Committee

From time to time, the Salaries Committee inspects the pay policy that applies to all staff, including variable pay and extra-legal benefits.

Since 2004, SRIW has had a statutory Salaries Committee, whose members are:

  • Caroline DECAMPS

  • Jean-Albert NYSSENS

  • Michaël VANLOUBEEK

The Orientation Committee

From the time of its incorporation in 1979, SRIW's Articles have provided for an Orientation Committee bringing together the members of the Management Committee and the representatives of employee organisations.

The Orientation Committee meets before each meeting of the Board of Directors, advising the latter on any project having a bearing on employment and particularly on the creation of subsidiaries and on acquisitions of equity stakes in businesses.

The Orientation Committee is composed of the following members:

  • Françoise BERNARD 

  • Marc BECKER

  • Thierry BODSON

  • Arnaud LEVEQUE

  • Gabriel SMAL

Permanent experts:

  • Michel MATHY

  • Muriel RUOL

The Panel of Statutory Auditors

  • PWC

    Represented by P. CAMMARATA
  • BDO

    Represented by C.ANTONELLI

    Represented by A.DUMONT