Our Strategy

The S.R.I.W. group has adapted its intervention strategy in order to meet a triple ambition for its participating companies, Impulse – Innovation – Disruption and to accompany their development by a strong sectoral expertise and a conjunction of specialized approaches, in the form of sectoral platforms and transversal approaches for the benefit of the development of value chains and the modernization of companies.

Our Multisectoral Platform

We invest in loans and capital in all sectors of the economy. We target companies that contribute to the creation of value, activities and jobs in Wallonia. Our interventions are tailor-made, taking care to ensure the – at least potential – profitability of the investment.

Our criteria are: the quality of management, governance and the credibility of the business plan. Your business is networked within our portfolio. For example, we invest in the food industry, timber, chemicals and mechanical engineering among other sectors.


Our 7 Specialised Platforms

These are our product lines.

Our investment criteria are adjusted to their specific needs: we do not invest in Biotech as we would in energy!

Our decision-making processes are adapted to the reality on the ground. Our portfolio of assets is more homogeneous: our ambition is to strengthen the Walloon economic fabric on these priority areas of activity.


SRIW Family & MBO 

Getting it right when passing on a business is crucial for its future, and we can help you to do it successfully!

Whether you need to organise a transfer within the family, to facilitate a business takeover by its executives (a management buyout), or to make an industrial sale, we are here to support you, with optimal financing formulas which take into account a long-term strategy.

This is essential to ensure the sustainability of your business and its Walloon roots.


Co-controlled companies 

We have in our portfolio a series of large companies that play an historical and strategic role in the Walloon economy including, for example, Sonaca and Safran Aero Booster in aeronautics, or Prayon in phosphates.

We play a majority shareholder role here and these companies have significant value on our balance sheet.

We support them in their international development, reaping the benefits of this expansion in terms of employment and added value for Wallonia.


SRIW Life Sciences 

By relying on the traditional strengths of Wallonia, SRIW Life Sciences invests in ‘local heroes’: scientists and entrepreneurs who want to leverage their innovation to build a sustainable and equitable global economy with roots in Wallonia.

SRIW Life Sciences focuses on diversity and cross-fertilization in its broadest sense. We invest in life sciences companies at diverse stages of development across a wide range of technologies and disease areas.

We are an early and patient investor; we invest in the most promising early-stage companies and can act with a long-term view – longer than the average VCs.

The role of SRIW as a risk capital provider in the life sciences sector support empowering innovators to explore areas they might hesitate to venture into alone. And by supporting innovative start-ups, we aim to strengthen the economic health of our region.

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WING/Deep Tech

In order to grow, the Walloon economy must implement its digital revolution. “Wallonia Innovation and Growth” – W.IN.G. by Digital Wallonia – is the tool that will help you launch your technological start-up in “Deep Tech”: i.e., around a project (often led by a research laboratory) that innovates by pushing back technological frontiers.

We are talking about breakthrough innovation, using artificial intelligence, semiconductors, the Internet of Things or other sensors and so forth. All this is applied in fields as varied as industry, energy, agriculture, finance, space, etc…



SRIW Energy  

We finance the development of projects that accelerate the energy transition as well as the transition to a carbon neutral economy.

In this way, we contribute to the objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Wallonia in order to keep the increase in the average global temperature below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

Of course,  we invest in renewable energies (especially in wind farms in the North Sea) but also in innovation and development of new sectors such as assets dedicated to flexibility.




For 25 years, we have been supporting “the other economy” through our specialised subsidiary, SOWECSOM. We support you in launching and/or developing your social enterprises and cooperatives.

We provide relevant financial solutions at all stages of your project development. The basic principle is: € 1 in funding for every € 1 issued by project leaders. This produces great achievements, particularly in food, real estate and green energy.

Each time, it is citizens’ participation that makes the difference.



Call for projects 

Here we do not respond to your requests, it is we who drive an approach in well-defined areas of action. This is because we have noticed that there are missing links in a value chain, or that new cutting-edge equipment is needed in promising sectors, or else that there are new markets opening up etc.

We launch a call for projects, to which you are free to respond!

We have done this successfully in the plastics recycling sector: six companies have taken up the challenge. This approach can lead to Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI).

Our transversal approach

Experience shows that for a business to be resilient today, it must be engaged in a triple transition: a digital, energy and circular transition. We have established an assessment method to check where each of the 405 companies that we have in our portfolio stands on these three development criteria. This analysis is carried out in collaboration with the managing directors, through a sensitivity questionnaire. We can help you reposition yourself if necessary. We do the same for any new investment: we screen it against these three criteria.

Digital transition diagnosis

“Digitising” means presenting information as numbers. Stemming from the use of computers, this practice changes the way we understand and think, it revolutionises our ways of producing and interacting with the environment. Companies must use it to develop their business: to improve internal processes, offer new products or other services etc. This is an opportunity to be seized! We can help you turn this corner: our team is equipped to analyse your digital transformation plan and assist you in its implementation.

Energy transition diagnosis

Moving towards a carbon neutral economy in order to limit global warming requires the mobilisation of all stakeholders. We can help you create new professions and new infrastructures that will accelerate the energy transition. We finance your projects for a more rational use of energy, your increased use of renewables and your green mobility plans. We invest in your research for innovative solutions to increase the share of soft energies in the energy mix. Our ambition is to position Wallonia in the promising sectors of the future.

Circular economy diagnosis

Unlike the linear economy, the circular economy aims to optimise the use of resources (such as raw materials, water, energy etc.) while minimising the impact of production on the environment. With this approach, waste will be transformed into raw material for reuse in the manufacture of new products. This will close the “life cycle” of the process and avoid creating residues. Great savings are to be made here! We put our expertise at your disposal and we have specific financing formulas to support your investments.