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In a globalised environment, Wallonia must modernise its industrial base, make it more competitive and increase the added value produced in its territory while ensuring the internationalisation of local companies.

It must also support innovation and business creation in sectors of the future.

A dynamic Walloon economy is essential for improving employment and creating the wealth that contributes to financing our social model.

Strong companies of sufficient size are one of the main drivers of this economic dynamism.

SRIW is one of the instruments of economic policy to support companies in Wallonia, and to promote their growth.


SRIW has set itself the aim of generating added value in the businesses it supports, contributing to economic development and employment in Wallonia. The value created must also have a positive impact for SRIW itself and increase its financial means.

SRIW contributes capital or offers loans. It is a long term investor.


The SRIW Group is a reliable, professional and ambitious financial partner supporting entrepreneurs on a long-term basis.

The men and women who work for SRIW are motivated by a sense of responsibility and a meticulous approach to management.

The SRIW Group works with all banking partners and with other investors active in Wallonia, business angels, private equity funds, public investment companies and so on.

It does its utmost both to anticipate and to respond to the needs of businesses in Wallonia and it works with them in a meticulous and efficient way. It is thus constantly aware of the need to devise new tools and new modes of involvement, for example in the sustainable development and innovation sectors.

In the interests of transparency, SRIW S.A. has had a Corporate Governance Charter since 2011.