Our Vision, Our Missions, Our Values

Our Vision

S.R.I.W. aims to accelerate the growth and transformation of Walloon businesses for the benefit of economic development and employment in Wallonia.
Its whole purpose is to help make Walloon companies more numerous, more competitive, more innovative and more sustainable, and to position them judiciously on international markets.

S.R.I.W. also aims to support the creation of attractive ecosystems and to strengthen value chains, the better to anchor existing companies within the Walloon region and to attract new ones.

Our Missions

S.R.I.W. is a long-term investor with the following missions :

  • to take holdings, in capital or in loans, in companies that are active in Wallonia
  • to create added value through the companies in which it has holdings by financing their growth, their transmission, their energy and digital transition or their internationalisation
  • to support the development of spin-offs and start-ups in emerging sectors with adapted financial offers and strategic support
  • to maintain in Wallonia the main activities and decision-making centres of the large controlled companies, as well as to support them in their growth
  • to support the companies in which it has holdings by providing them with specific skills and putting them in contact with its financial, industrial or commercial networks
  • to develop lines of financial products that are perfectly adapted to the needs of the different stages of the life cycle of companies
  • to intervene in specialised funds in order to strengthen its Belgian and international network, to give its holdings privileged access to certain financial players, and to strengthen its expertise in the sectors of the future
  • to act proactively in order to encourage the creation of activities in certain sectors, in particular to complete certain links in the value chain or to gain entry to new markets
  • to monitor the main market developments (growth sectors, disruptions etc.) and financing techniques, and on this basis, if necessary, to propose to the Walloon Government new actions in terms of economic policy, or measures aimed at facilitating economic development (training, regional planning, mobility, etc.)

In order to carry out all its missions, S.R.I.W. will ensure appropriate overall profitability is generated and may seek to achieve leverage effects on external resources.


Our Values

Creator of futures

« Deploying our full potential to build the Wallonia of tomorrow »

We pave the way for the development of emerging and innovative sectors by anticipating economic changes and the new professions of tomorrow.
We stimulate the energy, economic and social transition of companies as well as their digital transformation with appropriate investments, resources and skills.
We are developing a management culture in line with societal issues by encouraging initiative, daring and creativity.



« Constantly reinvent yourself to design creative solutions »

We are committed to meeting the needs of our partners and colleagues by developing tailor-made responses or approaches.
We cultivate a taste for entrepreneurship and skilful risk-taking. We are continually adapting to deliver high added value solutions.
We are flexible and we invest ourselves fully in our missions, activities and functions while taking care to respect our personal balance and that of our partners.



« Promoting success through the quality of our expertise »

We are credible, reliable and legitimate when we approach a project, by paying particular attention to the quality of our interventions.
Through our expertise, we catalyse harmonious solutions and develop specific approaches in order to maximise successes. We invest in developing the skills of our employees to stay at the forefront in our respective roles.



« Building winning relationships with respect and trust »

We take care to build a long-term collaborative dynamic based on trust, integrity and alignment of mutual interests.
We set an example, act responsibly and honour our commitments to our partners and colleagues.
We make sure to create and preserve a positive and respectful working environment for all by promoting spaces for discussion and attentive listening and by approaching professional interactions in a constructive and rewarding manner.