Your project

What’s your project ?

SRIW develops a wide range of tailored solutions to support all types of project: business creation, development through innovation or investment, organic growth requiring an increase in working capital, acquisitions, establishment of a subsidiary in Wallonia, Belgium or abroad, new markets, transfers and so on.

We offer many solutions to help you in your search for financing: capital investment, subordinated loans, convertible loans, equity loans, pari passu loans with banks, involvement in holding companies or operational subsidiaries, joint capital, loan response and so on.


Grow my business

Your business is performing and faces new challenges. Are your working capital requirements increasing because your orders are growing or do you have investment projects but do not have sufficient funds to cover them? We are here to help finance the growth of your business.


Acquiring a company

Do you want to develop your business through the acquisition of another company? We are here to support you in this important external growth phase.


Transfer my company

Do you want to sell your business? We are here to support you in this important step in your professional life and that of your business.


Investing abroad

Are you a Walloon company wishing to expand your business abroad? We are here to support you financially and, if necessary, put you in touch with the actors able facilitate this process.


Setting up a company

Do you want to set up a company or a subsidiary of your company? Is your project successful and you are now looking for funding? We are here to help you complete your research and funding, provided of course that your project is already of significant size.


Guarantee my bank loans

Do you want a bank loan? We are here to support you in obtaining this financing by providing a guarantee to the bank in order to encourage it to grant you a loan. Geligar, our regional finance guarantee mechanism covers different types of bank loans. The maximum amount of the guarantee is one and a half million euros.


Invest in Wallonia

Are you a foreign company and want to invest and set up a business in Wallonia? We are here to support you financially and, if necessary, put you in touch with the actors able facilitate this process.

How to apply?

If you haven’t found the financing solution you need, you are a spin-off or you want to carry out an IPO, don’t hesitate to contact us!

SRIW acts alongside private investors (banks, funds and private investors) to meet different business financing needs.

The final form SRIW’s support takes naturally depends on your business needs, but also its economic situation.

Financial terms are closely related to individual financial fundamentals for each company concerned.

Each request is subject to a thorough examination and in the event of a positive response, SRIW formulates a customised proposal tailored to your business but also the risk taken.

Let us add that beyond purely financial conditions, most of the time SRIW capital investments involve both a presence on the Board of Directors of the company and governance elements, relating for example to the appointment of independent directors.

Please contact us to submit your application.

Our team will tell you, initially, which documents are needed in order to look into your case and may come back to you for additional information.